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Cut your study time in half and get access to clear and colorful nursing notes without the fluff. Includes most commonly tested classes in nursing school and topics tested on the NCLEX!

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The Nursing School Success Bundle includes every nursing note bundle available PLUS special bonuses! Over 300+ pages of colorful, organized, to-the-point study sheets that cover the most commonly tested disorders, assessments, patho & so much more!

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HI! I'm Ally, and I've been a nurse since 2017, and boy was it a journey to get there. After flunking my last Med Surg exam, I knew I needed to do something. I focused on learning HOW to learn, and this is what brought me to making one page nursing notes.

The inspiration behind these notes is what brought me from failing to improving my scores by over 20 points and acing my NCLEX in 75 questions. Believe me when I say if I was able to do it, I know you can do it too!